Project Statement

This project is to develop a server and client interface for autonomously operating a tractor robot. The server will store data on the farmer's fields and robots. It will collect live data and video from all the robots. The server will use a map of the field to help calculate the most efficient path through the field while still gaining optimal coverage. The user interface will be available on android and pc. The interface will provide an easy way for farmers to upload feed maps, look at different possible paths the tractor could take through the field. It will also provide live monitoring of all tractors. Giving live video, GPS locations, gauge, and instrument readouts. There will be secure access between all clients, servers and robots.


As the need for more and more food is constantly on the rise. Farmers need to be able to produce more food, which means to either increase yields or increase the amount of land being farmed. More farm land means more time needing to be spent in the field. But with the new robot and software we are developing farmers will be able to remotely control their tractors. This will open up the possibility for farmers to have multiple tractors in multiple feeds reducing the time the farmer needs to spend in each field.


  • Establish a server and database to collect and store data.
  • Make a basic gui that provides the robot with basic movement.
  • Add more functionality to the gui such as, live monitoring, uploading fields, running path planning algorithms, and the ability to assign various robots to various fields simultaneously.


Functional Requirements

  • Load in existing field maps with common file formats
  • Execute basic back and forth paths through the field, define distance to maintain from boundaries
  • Knowledge of what has been covered(Swath Control) to allow for directional “fill in” along boundaries
  • Create a simple coverage map.
  • Create new planting maps with open file format
  • Auto raise and lower for turns
  • Remote control take over and kill switches for safety
  • Real-Time monitoring of machines

Non-Functional Requirements

  • Simple, easy to use GUI
  • Be hosted on cloud
  • Software should be easily compatible with multiple machine brands
  • Everything should be secure and encrypted
  • Cross Platform compatible (Windows, OS, Android)
  • Data portability for easy integration with precision ag data